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Oren Axander; 1 of the 50 "Guys You Wish You Were 2012"

Oren Alexander – America’s “hottest real estate agent”

Oren Alexander – America’s “hottest real estate agent” 
Oren Alexander, Instagram

Do you remember your 25th birthday party? If it’s not a whiskey-infused haze, your memories probably don’t involve selling a record-setting $47 million mansion in Miami. But that’s the life of Oren Alexander, a hot shot real estate agent with wealthy clients and a portfolio of exclusive properties worth over $130 million. But what does he do that others don’t? Alexander lives like his clients do, spending “New Years in St. Barts, goes to the clubs his clients frequent, and dresses like them, too.” Sounds rough. Photo credit: Oren Alexander, Instagram

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Wednesday, December 19, 2012

Oren Alexander: How To Be Successful Before Hitting 30

As one of the most written about successful 20-something year olds, Oren Alexander has a lot to be proud of in the short time he’s been commandeering his high power career in real estate. Learning the ropes from his developer father, Oren has been steeped in the profession ever since he was a teenager.

A Background of Hard Work

Born in Miami Beach and now living in Manhattan, Oren holds a Bachelor’s degree in Finance, a Certificate in Real Estate Development, and boasts an enormous background of hard work that has formed the backbone of his rise to success.

Managing a Wide Range of Platforms

Outgoing and highly social, he has no fear of networking, and has a highly developed skill for using social media as a tool to consistently generate clients and sales. Seamlessly switching between the live and virtual world, Oren shares a comfort with other successful men and women in his age group for managing and navigating a wide range of platforms that many older professionals do not yet fully understand.

Mining the Opportunities

By mining the many available opportunities, Oren has build up a huge network of connections throughout a myriad of business sectors. Like so many of his peers, his hunger, drive, and ambition are attracting a high level, wealthy clientele who recognize and are highly attracted to his entrepreneurial approach to real estate.

Attracting a Large Figure Income

With the proliferation of so many Reality TV shows about young real estate brokers flipping and selling real estate, the profession has become extremely glamorous. Today, more and more college graduates are accumulating a strong background in finance, marketing, and investment strategies, helping them to attract the large figure incomes that are there for the taking once they enter the industry.

Creating the Optimum Closure for Every Situation

With approximately a quarter of his team under the age of 30, Oren Alexander leads the pack, treating each deal as if it were the only one. With his forte for listening to his clients’ needs and desires, he has developed a fine-tuned knack for finding them the perfect home to rent or buy. Because of his familiarity with their taste level, as well as the exigencies of creating the best possible deal, he is able to create the optimum closure for every situation.

Pursuing All Avenues

As a member of the Association of Realtors’ Young Professionals Network, Oren and his peers are part of a membership that has grown by leaps and bounds over the past few years. These successful professionals understand the value of long work hours, establishing long-term relationships, and pursuing all avenues to secure the deals that provide the greatest payoff.

The One to Watch Through Time

Knowing the market like the back of his hand, Oren Alexander is a prime example of how to be successful before hitting 30. Through his continued success and dedication, he promises to be the one to watch through time. 

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Oren Alexander Listings; Why People Love Working with Oren

Though only in his twenties, Oren Alexander has been making a name for himself, and then some, over the last several years. A born entrepreneur, Oren grew up with a built-in work ethic that is now earning him money in the high millions as he continues to ascend in New York and Miami Beach’s real estate pantheon.

Oren knows the ropes of the luxury market like the back of his hand. His in-depth experience working side by side with his father as a teenager gave him privileged insight into the realities of the industry. Watching his dad accomplish high-end deals on Miami Beach and in Aspen, Colorado, Oren absorbed all the information he could, incorporating his father’s savvy into his own personal formula for success.

As a young man who knows himself and knows how to use his unique attributes to advantage, his love of people, extroversion, ambition, vision, and leadership qualities are why people love working with him. His excitement and enthusiasm for his work are infectious, as is his love for working a party to gain friends and clients, all of whom are one and the same.

Dubbed “the Party Boy” by the Real Deal, Oren is also one of NYC’s most sought after bachelors, according to a 2011 edition of Gotham Magazine. Not afraid to use his ebullient personality to his advantage, his relaxed yet dynamic way of gaining and maintaining clients is a tribute to his own sense of loyalty and warmth.

Oren loves hanging out with the wealthiest people in the world. And by his own admission, he is addicted to his job, saying that it’s hard to think of it as work. Who wouldn’t want to work with a guy who takes each day as seriously as the most dedicated tycoon, but with a spirit filled with the joy of conquest and curiosity?

One of the quintessential stories about Oren is his quick entry into high-level sales after winning over Miami trial lawyer James Ferraro in 2008, only a few months after starting his career at Prudential Douglas Elliman. Skiing in Aspen, he heard that Ferraro was in the neighborhood. Through mutual friends, he arranged to join the lawyer at breakfast where his business acumen, knowledge of the industry, focus, powerful connections, and unrelenting energy convinced Ferraro that he was the only man for the job. In true form, Oren was able to seal an extraordinary deal on an $8.2 million Park Imperial penthouse, and the rest is history.

Splitting his time between New York and Miami, Oren heads a team of four at Prudential Douglas Elliman. Listed by Forbes Magazine in their top 30 under 30 real estate agents list, as number one for GCI Month of August, and top selling agent for Prudential Douglas Elliman in 2009, Oren continues to gather accolades. With his over 4,800 followers, he is a constant presence in social media platforms, gaining more friends, clients, and greater visibility everyday.

Oren Alexander has been featured in:

Oren Alexander 30 Under 30 in Forbes

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Oren Alexander is One of the Youngest, Most Successful Real Estate Professionals in the US

As one of the most talked about real estate moguls in the United States, Oren Alexander is still only in his twenties. His reputation for being one of the youngest and most successful professionals in the industry is proven by a track record that is unprecedented, especially in a recession that has brought most brokerage businesses to their knees.

With a stellar career that already is proving its longevity, Oren boasts a Senior Vice Presidency at The Alexander Group, which he co-founded. Officially starting his career in 2008 when the market was far from its peak, it took him some time to make his first deal. But with the vision that marks a savvy, confident, and hardworking business pro, he knew that his brand of perseverance would pay off in the long run, and it has.

Oren actually got a jump-start in real estate working alongside his father as a teenager. Eager to learn and understanding the value of paying attention, he maintained a focused dedication to the work, eventually earning a Bachelors in Finance and his Certificate of Real Estate, whereby he could begin working in the field.

With exceptional discipline and a highly developed, intuitive understanding of the ins and outs of real estate, Oren Alexander has been able to create a rock-solid foundation for success. Far from being a fly-by-night broker in it for a quick million, Oren operates with building blocks that are creating a business to last.

As a member of the social media generation, he knows how to use these powerful tools along with in-person networking for gaining the enormous foothold necessary for advertising his brand and creating a buzz. Because he is comfortable with all electronic media platforms, he is able to use them to help identify and maintain important relationships for both buying and selling. Mining contacts through tools like Facebook, Twitter, he knows how to use every possible opportunity to gain another sale.

Oren’s list of wealthy clients comes from his understanding of how to build trust. Treating every opportunity as if it were the only one on the table, he has closed multi-million dollar deals with some of today’s most powerful, heavyweight investors and buyers who want to work with someone with the kind of energy and integrity that is Oren’s signature.

Building trust through diligence, through listening to what people want, and through knowing how to find it, are the keys to Oren’s great success. But it is his tireless quest to run the extra mile for his clients that ultimately seals the deal.

With a strong set of values that comes from solid family ties, Oren Alexander comes with a pedigree that is hard to find in these days of one shot wonders.
His age may put him front and center in the party scene, but his canny eye for opportunity allows him to use it as another arena for achieving growth.

At 25 Oren Alexander is one of the youngest, most successful real estate professionals in the U.S.

Oren Alexander 30 Under 30 in Forbes

Oren Alexander; The Hottest Real Estate Agent in the US in Business Insider

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Oren Alexander is an Inspiration For All Young People in Miami

Selling nearly 100 million dollars worth of real estate since he entered the field, at not even 30 years old, Oren Alexander is an inspiration for all young people who understand the value of achievement. With a deep understanding of what it takes to succeed, this dedicated mover and shaker isn’t afraid of hard work as he breaks records all the way to the bank.

Recognizing His Passion at an Early Age

Oren knew what he wanted to do at a very early age, inspired by his successful real estate developer father, who helped him pave the way. Working next to his dad since he was a teenager, he watched, absorbed, and learned the high-end real estate business in high-stakes Miami Beach and Aspen, Colorado.

Doing What it Takes

With a strong family influence, this first hand training helped him understand not just the exigencies of field, but also what it takes to build a strong foundation based on commitment to long hours and the creation of fundamental relationships inside and outside the industry.

Taking Advantage of Opportunities

Earning a degree in finance from the University of Colorado, Oren was able to parlay his knowledge to support his passion for real estate. Keeping his ear to the ground and eye to the heights, he’s a man who knows how to reap the benefits of all available opportunities, which in itself is a skill.

Understanding the Chain of Success

Oren understands the chain of success, including mining the deep possibilities inherent in social networking, whether it’s online or at a party. Every connection contains earning potential, and he takes pleasure in taking advantage of the large grapevine he’s created to gain clients.

Flexible, Interesting, and Committed

A strong interest in the community is another facet of Oren’s achievements. His involvement in charitable organizations creates an even wider net for attracting wealthy individuals, all of whom are drawn in by his confidence, charm, and energy. His youthful outlook assures that he is never stuck in old paradigms, keeping him flexible and always interesting.

Leadership Strengths and Infectious Enthusiasm

Oren knows his capabilities and acts on them. His is a character that takes charge, with essential leadership strengths and an infectious enthusiasm. He makes it his business to know what is going on in the real estate market and with his warmth and genuine interest in others, the friendships he makes become surefire bonds for future dealings.

Making the Business Glamorous

It is no wonder that this mega real estate star is inspiring young people as they head into the real estate market. Almost single-handedly he has made the business glamorous, adding action and adventure that was never associated with the industry. As one of the most eligible bachelors of his age, Oren is a certified man about town, friend of high-powered movers and shakers, and an entrepreneur to be reckoned with, demonstrating how to make things happen and how to have a good time doing it.

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Tuesday, December 11, 2012

Alon Alexander and Oren Alexander; Real Estate Gurus and Brothers

Though still in their 20’s, twin brothers Alon and Oren Alexander have a combined success factor that belies their years. With their incredible vision and drive, each one has been able to parlay his career into the stratosphere, and at their age, this is only the beginning.

Born into a Real Estate family, the brothers grew up knowing what it is to have a vision and work hard to see it to its fruition. They had first hand training by their ambitious father, who taught them the meaning of commitment and quality, along with the alchemical properties of unrelenting confidence.

As very young men, Alon and Oren became active in their community and still remain so through their involvement in many charitable organizations. With their strong values, indomitable energy, and ability to make connections that last, they come with a grounded sense of who they are, making them all the more attractive to those who are fortunate enough to meet and have a working relationship with them.

Graduating from the University of Maryland, Alon decided to go into law. However, before he entered his first year at New York Law, he founded Kent Security of New York, a full service security solution, inspired by the family business in South Florida. The company is now considered one of the fundamental leaders in the security industry, thanks to his uncompromising work ethic and pursuit of excellence.

Oren followed the family track, working alongside his father as a teenager and watching him develop high-end homes in Miami Beach and Aspen, Colorado. He received his license at 18 years old and later went on to receive a Bachelor degree in Finance from the University of Colorado, as well as a Certificate of Real Estate Development.

With his unrelenting commitment to hard work, his outgoing personality, and his deep understanding of the industry, Oren has made himself into one of the most desirable real estate agents in the market today. Coming from a generation that is completely comfortable with social media, he combines a digital approach with his seamless networking abilities. Filled with energy and enthusiasm, he brings energy to every project and treats each one, large or small, with equal importance.

Oren knows the real estate market inside and out, and strives to help his clients realize their dreams. Representing both the buyer and the seller, he recently sold what the Wall St Journal called “the $60 million dream house.” As Senior Vice President and Co-Founder of TheAlexanderGroup, this is just one of the many accolades he puts in his pocket.

Known as two of New York’s most eligible bachelors, Alon and Oren Alexander understand what it takes to be a success, which includes not just hard work, but also flexibility, endurance, and a non-stop desire to stay at the top of the game. Their infectious enthusiasm, as well as their in-depth knowledge of their industries, has made them the most in-demand professionals in their fields.

Oren Alexander has been featured in:

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