Monday, January 28, 2013

Oren Alexander and The Stone Mansion at Frick Estate

Oren Alexander and The Stone Mansion at Frick EstateOne of the most renowned properties on the east coast, The Stone Mansion in Alpine, New Jersey, sits on six magnificent acres that are part of an original 60 acre spread that once comprised the Henry Clay Frick estate.

Back On the Market With a Twist

The last owner, Richard Kurtz, Chief Executive of the New Jersey-based real estate investment company, Kamson Corp, bought the property in 2006 for a cool $58 million.
Developing, subdividing, and selling various pieces of the estate during the economic downturn, Kurtz eventually put it on the market, where it listed in 2010 for $68 million. It was removed and now is back, listing at $56 million, but with a twist.

A Package That Has the Market Buzzing

True to his innovative and entrepreneurial form, star realtor Oren Alexander now has an exclusive on the property, and he’s designed an extremely creative package that has the market buzzing. Providing various options for purchase, Oren is offering the six adjacent acres for an extra $12 million, or an additional 20-acre portion of land for $39 million. 

The Ultimate in Luxury and Privacy

The temptation to buy as much acreage as possible around the 10,000 square foot home may prove to be something very alluring to a wealthy client who is looking for the ultimate in luxury and privacy. But the deals don’t stop here. For a a total of $107 million, one can buy the Stone Mansion and a second mansion that sits on the property, along with 32 acres of land and call it a day.

One of the Most Expensive Zip Codes in the US

The original Stone Mansion has an astonishingly opulent floor plan, with 12 bedrooms, 19 bathrooms, a ballroom that includes a coat check and a wet bar, an underground basketball court, and much more. Only eight miles from Manhattan, 18 Frick Drive offers the ease of getting into the city combined with one of the most expensive zip codes in the country.

A New Way of Marketing

Oren Alexander has found a brilliant way of marketing the property, which has also been modeled in the presentation of the Jigsaw Ranch in Aspen, where parcels of land have been combined for a larger price. The Grizzly Creek Ranch in Montana is another example, as well as the Superior Ink building in New York where an entire floor of 3 condos can be bought separately or all together.

A Magnet For High-Powered Buyers

Leave it to Oren to come up with a sexy plan for driving interest and attention in a new direction.  And with neighbors like Stevie Wonder, Britney Spears, Sean Combs, the exclusivity is a magnet for some of the most high-powered business and entertainment figures around the globe.

The Perfect Choice for the Perfect Deal

As one of the youngest real estate moguls on the scene, Oren is the perfect choice for creating the perfect deal, and it’s just a matter of time before he can put one more enormous coup in his back pocket. Already a pro at marketing luxury properties using his deep knowledge of social media and other technologies, along with his drive, confidence, connections, and the wherewithal to attract the highest rollers on a global level, selling The Stone Mansion is just a matter of time.