Thursday, December 20, 2012

Oren Axander; 1 of the 50 "Guys You Wish You Were 2012"

Oren Alexander – America’s “hottest real estate agent”

Oren Alexander – America’s “hottest real estate agent” 
Oren Alexander, Instagram

Do you remember your 25th birthday party? If it’s not a whiskey-infused haze, your memories probably don’t involve selling a record-setting $47 million mansion in Miami. But that’s the life of Oren Alexander, a hot shot real estate agent with wealthy clients and a portfolio of exclusive properties worth over $130 million. But what does he do that others don’t? Alexander lives like his clients do, spending “New Years in St. Barts, goes to the clubs his clients frequent, and dresses like them, too.” Sounds rough. Photo credit: Oren Alexander, Instagram

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