Wednesday, December 19, 2012

Oren Alexander Listings; Why People Love Working with Oren

Though only in his twenties, Oren Alexander has been making a name for himself, and then some, over the last several years. A born entrepreneur, Oren grew up with a built-in work ethic that is now earning him money in the high millions as he continues to ascend in New York and Miami Beach’s real estate pantheon.

Oren knows the ropes of the luxury market like the back of his hand. His in-depth experience working side by side with his father as a teenager gave him privileged insight into the realities of the industry. Watching his dad accomplish high-end deals on Miami Beach and in Aspen, Colorado, Oren absorbed all the information he could, incorporating his father’s savvy into his own personal formula for success.

As a young man who knows himself and knows how to use his unique attributes to advantage, his love of people, extroversion, ambition, vision, and leadership qualities are why people love working with him. His excitement and enthusiasm for his work are infectious, as is his love for working a party to gain friends and clients, all of whom are one and the same.

Dubbed “the Party Boy” by the Real Deal, Oren is also one of NYC’s most sought after bachelors, according to a 2011 edition of Gotham Magazine. Not afraid to use his ebullient personality to his advantage, his relaxed yet dynamic way of gaining and maintaining clients is a tribute to his own sense of loyalty and warmth.

Oren loves hanging out with the wealthiest people in the world. And by his own admission, he is addicted to his job, saying that it’s hard to think of it as work. Who wouldn’t want to work with a guy who takes each day as seriously as the most dedicated tycoon, but with a spirit filled with the joy of conquest and curiosity?

One of the quintessential stories about Oren is his quick entry into high-level sales after winning over Miami trial lawyer James Ferraro in 2008, only a few months after starting his career at Prudential Douglas Elliman. Skiing in Aspen, he heard that Ferraro was in the neighborhood. Through mutual friends, he arranged to join the lawyer at breakfast where his business acumen, knowledge of the industry, focus, powerful connections, and unrelenting energy convinced Ferraro that he was the only man for the job. In true form, Oren was able to seal an extraordinary deal on an $8.2 million Park Imperial penthouse, and the rest is history.

Splitting his time between New York and Miami, Oren heads a team of four at Prudential Douglas Elliman. Listed by Forbes Magazine in their top 30 under 30 real estate agents list, as number one for GCI Month of August, and top selling agent for Prudential Douglas Elliman in 2009, Oren continues to gather accolades. With his over 4,800 followers, he is a constant presence in social media platforms, gaining more friends, clients, and greater visibility everyday.

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