Tuesday, December 11, 2012

Alon Alexander and Oren Alexander; Real Estate Gurus and Brothers

Though still in their 20’s, twin brothers Alon and Oren Alexander have a combined success factor that belies their years. With their incredible vision and drive, each one has been able to parlay his career into the stratosphere, and at their age, this is only the beginning.

Born into a Real Estate family, the brothers grew up knowing what it is to have a vision and work hard to see it to its fruition. They had first hand training by their ambitious father, who taught them the meaning of commitment and quality, along with the alchemical properties of unrelenting confidence.

As very young men, Alon and Oren became active in their community and still remain so through their involvement in many charitable organizations. With their strong values, indomitable energy, and ability to make connections that last, they come with a grounded sense of who they are, making them all the more attractive to those who are fortunate enough to meet and have a working relationship with them.

Graduating from the University of Maryland, Alon decided to go into law. However, before he entered his first year at New York Law, he founded Kent Security of New York, a full service security solution, inspired by the family business in South Florida. The company is now considered one of the fundamental leaders in the security industry, thanks to his uncompromising work ethic and pursuit of excellence.

Oren followed the family track, working alongside his father as a teenager and watching him develop high-end homes in Miami Beach and Aspen, Colorado. He received his license at 18 years old and later went on to receive a Bachelor degree in Finance from the University of Colorado, as well as a Certificate of Real Estate Development.

With his unrelenting commitment to hard work, his outgoing personality, and his deep understanding of the industry, Oren has made himself into one of the most desirable real estate agents in the market today. Coming from a generation that is completely comfortable with social media, he combines a digital approach with his seamless networking abilities. Filled with energy and enthusiasm, he brings energy to every project and treats each one, large or small, with equal importance.

Oren knows the real estate market inside and out, and strives to help his clients realize their dreams. Representing both the buyer and the seller, he recently sold what the Wall St Journal called “the $60 million dream house.” As Senior Vice President and Co-Founder of TheAlexanderGroup, this is just one of the many accolades he puts in his pocket.

Known as two of New York’s most eligible bachelors, Alon and Oren Alexander understand what it takes to be a success, which includes not just hard work, but also flexibility, endurance, and a non-stop desire to stay at the top of the game. Their infectious enthusiasm, as well as their in-depth knowledge of their industries, has made them the most in-demand professionals in their fields.

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