Wednesday, December 19, 2012

Oren Alexander: How To Be Successful Before Hitting 30

As one of the most written about successful 20-something year olds, Oren Alexander has a lot to be proud of in the short time he’s been commandeering his high power career in real estate. Learning the ropes from his developer father, Oren has been steeped in the profession ever since he was a teenager.

A Background of Hard Work

Born in Miami Beach and now living in Manhattan, Oren holds a Bachelor’s degree in Finance, a Certificate in Real Estate Development, and boasts an enormous background of hard work that has formed the backbone of his rise to success.

Managing a Wide Range of Platforms

Outgoing and highly social, he has no fear of networking, and has a highly developed skill for using social media as a tool to consistently generate clients and sales. Seamlessly switching between the live and virtual world, Oren shares a comfort with other successful men and women in his age group for managing and navigating a wide range of platforms that many older professionals do not yet fully understand.

Mining the Opportunities

By mining the many available opportunities, Oren has build up a huge network of connections throughout a myriad of business sectors. Like so many of his peers, his hunger, drive, and ambition are attracting a high level, wealthy clientele who recognize and are highly attracted to his entrepreneurial approach to real estate.

Attracting a Large Figure Income

With the proliferation of so many Reality TV shows about young real estate brokers flipping and selling real estate, the profession has become extremely glamorous. Today, more and more college graduates are accumulating a strong background in finance, marketing, and investment strategies, helping them to attract the large figure incomes that are there for the taking once they enter the industry.

Creating the Optimum Closure for Every Situation

With approximately a quarter of his team under the age of 30, Oren Alexander leads the pack, treating each deal as if it were the only one. With his forte for listening to his clients’ needs and desires, he has developed a fine-tuned knack for finding them the perfect home to rent or buy. Because of his familiarity with their taste level, as well as the exigencies of creating the best possible deal, he is able to create the optimum closure for every situation.

Pursuing All Avenues

As a member of the Association of Realtors’ Young Professionals Network, Oren and his peers are part of a membership that has grown by leaps and bounds over the past few years. These successful professionals understand the value of long work hours, establishing long-term relationships, and pursuing all avenues to secure the deals that provide the greatest payoff.

The One to Watch Through Time

Knowing the market like the back of his hand, Oren Alexander is a prime example of how to be successful before hitting 30. Through his continued success and dedication, he promises to be the one to watch through time. 

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