Wednesday, December 19, 2012

Oren Alexander is One of the Youngest, Most Successful Real Estate Professionals in the US

As one of the most talked about real estate moguls in the United States, Oren Alexander is still only in his twenties. His reputation for being one of the youngest and most successful professionals in the industry is proven by a track record that is unprecedented, especially in a recession that has brought most brokerage businesses to their knees.

With a stellar career that already is proving its longevity, Oren boasts a Senior Vice Presidency at The Alexander Group, which he co-founded. Officially starting his career in 2008 when the market was far from its peak, it took him some time to make his first deal. But with the vision that marks a savvy, confident, and hardworking business pro, he knew that his brand of perseverance would pay off in the long run, and it has.

Oren actually got a jump-start in real estate working alongside his father as a teenager. Eager to learn and understanding the value of paying attention, he maintained a focused dedication to the work, eventually earning a Bachelors in Finance and his Certificate of Real Estate, whereby he could begin working in the field.

With exceptional discipline and a highly developed, intuitive understanding of the ins and outs of real estate, Oren Alexander has been able to create a rock-solid foundation for success. Far from being a fly-by-night broker in it for a quick million, Oren operates with building blocks that are creating a business to last.

As a member of the social media generation, he knows how to use these powerful tools along with in-person networking for gaining the enormous foothold necessary for advertising his brand and creating a buzz. Because he is comfortable with all electronic media platforms, he is able to use them to help identify and maintain important relationships for both buying and selling. Mining contacts through tools like Facebook, Twitter, he knows how to use every possible opportunity to gain another sale.

Oren’s list of wealthy clients comes from his understanding of how to build trust. Treating every opportunity as if it were the only one on the table, he has closed multi-million dollar deals with some of today’s most powerful, heavyweight investors and buyers who want to work with someone with the kind of energy and integrity that is Oren’s signature.

Building trust through diligence, through listening to what people want, and through knowing how to find it, are the keys to Oren’s great success. But it is his tireless quest to run the extra mile for his clients that ultimately seals the deal.

With a strong set of values that comes from solid family ties, Oren Alexander comes with a pedigree that is hard to find in these days of one shot wonders.
His age may put him front and center in the party scene, but his canny eye for opportunity allows him to use it as another arena for achieving growth.

At 25 Oren Alexander is one of the youngest, most successful real estate professionals in the U.S.

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